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John Roy’s “Alexander Hamilton”

Q: Why should you buy albums from AST Records? 

A: Because of great albums like John Roy’s latest and greatest, Alexander Hamilton.

John Roy has become one the most dependable comics working today. His poignant observations and thought-provoking social commentary have made him a commodity in a comedy world constantly penetrated by meaningless charm and shallow pop-culture reference. The number one problem with young comedians is that they have nothing to say. There’s no context behind their strategies for getting the audience to laugh. John Roy, on the other hand, is so well rounded that his new album is somewhat of an essential record for an entire generation.

Co-creator & star of the popular web series, Maron in Space, John Roy is a comic that speaks for a lost era of young Americans that are often called lazy and entitled. He sheds light on small social issues that say something about the untitled generation, the blank generation, the hipster generation. He expresses unpopular opinions with a humorous pragmatism that makes them palatable for the masses. The power of his highly relatable brand is like a breath of fresh air that extends beyond the album and into every day life.


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You have to give it up for ASpecialThing Records for continuing to carefully select comics that not only are great comedians, but also have a significance beyond comedy clubs. John Roy employs such a crucial voice; it would be crime against art to have it unheard. Listening to this record is equal or greater to getting a complete cultural re-education. It’s an adjustment of values and beliefs that is incredibly valuable. Covering subjects from race to addiction to pop music to relationships, Alexander Hamilton is a feast of laughs. Living in a time when substance often takes a backseat to convenience, it is an absolute joy to hear a standup with the poise to pull off such an achievement.